About Us

General Practitioner specialists providing non judgmental medical care to the LGBTQI+ and broader communities.

We are dedicated to making an impact.

Our Rooms

Nestled in the centre of Brisbane for easy access, our contemporary and fully equipped establishment creates an inviting environment, ensuring your comfort throughout your visit.

Our Values

Holdsworth House Brisbane is devoted to delivering outstanding medical care with a compassionate approach.


Our proficient medical experts are equipped with extensive knowledge and experience to provide high-quality care.


Your well-being is our genuine concern, as we accompany you with empathy, kindness, and understanding on your medical journey, fostering inclusivity and respect for all individuals.

Tailored Healthcare

We actively listen, honour your uniqueness, and create custom treatment strategies exclusively catering to your needs.

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Discover the impact our team can make on your well-being.

Our dedicated professionals are here to support you on your health path, delivering personalised care across a diverse range of services. Experience the difference our team can make for you.