Holdsworth House Brisbane

Providing comprehensive health care services for the Brisbane community.

All-inclusive medical care, with a personal touch

General Practice

Our GPs, backed by years of experience and a dedication to patient well-being, are committed to delivering a comprehensive range of medical services that prioritise both excellence and confidentiality.

Sexual Health

We take pride in delivering inclusive and holistic healthcare, tailoring our services to the specific needs of the LGBTQI+ community. At Holdsworth House, a sexual health check-up not only addresses medical concerns but also offers a supportive space for open discussions with our doctors.

Women's Health

At our practice, we prioritise women's health by providing a team of dedicated doctors, including female practitioners, who specialise in catering to the unique healthcare needs, and promotion of the overall well-being of women throughout every stage of life.

Travel Health

Our medical practice offers specialised travel medicine services, equipping individuals with essential vaccinations, personalised health advice, and travel-related precautions to ensure a safe and healthy journey abroad.
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Our Team

We pride ourselves on exceptional care and friendly culture.

At Holdsworth House Brisbane, our commitment lies in delivering exceptional medical care distinguised by compassion, expertise, and individualised attention. Meet the team driving our practice.